Zero Friction Product

Smooth, soft, silky, tender, Zero-Friction!


Zero-Friction creates a protective layer on the skin, which almost completely eliminates friction and chaffing thereby giving you more enjoyment at the activities and movements you participate in.


Here on our homepage you´ll find everything you need to know about Zero Friction as well as our shop, to experience for yourself the silky feel of our product.

👉 Your movement is our mission. 💪
No matter how active you are, Zero-Friction helps to prevent skin irritation caused by the fabrics of your clothing or your shoes against your skin.

Zero-Friction is able to eliminate the feeling of chafing and discomfort and at the same time does not leave an oily residue on your skin. Our gel is like a touch of Nothing with a maximum effect. ☁️🌈

"Mach’s reibungslos"
and use Zero-Friction🍀, to put an end to sensitive and irritated skin during your favourite activities
. 👍

Zero Friction in all kinds of sport

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Lars Krauß


Lars Krauß

Zero Friction (30 ml)

Zero Friction the no-nonsense anti-friction cream,
offering instant protection against friction on the skin, no matter where and during what activity.
Super rich and efficient protection while remaining velvety soft on the skin.
You will love it!
Since only very fine and pure raw materials are used for our product, Zero Friction offers the best protection against friction, even after prolonged use.

  •  No perfume
  •  No colourants
  •  No conservatives

It is perfect to avoid rubbing and friction caused through contact with cotten, synthetic fibre,

leather, imitation leather, ...

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer 

Ingredients are Made in USA


Made in Germany!

by Lars & Nils Krauß GbR

13,95 €

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Lars und Nils Krauß

We are Lars and Nils Krauß and are actively participate in a variety of different sports. From this came the idea of a product that would prevent the appearance of chaffing and uncomfortable irritation during your favourite activities. Inspired by this mission we founded Zero-Friction to market our innovative product.


Customer experience


Summer and thighs without gaps! Ladies, who knows the issue? I love wearing skirts, dresses and shorts. But if I am doing more than sitting in them, red skin and burning feeling is reality.

I've tried a lot of products. Baby powder, deodorants and different skin care products. All lacking of the effect I needed them to have: long-term, invisible and scentless.

A couple of weeks ago, I've discovered (#unpaidadvertisement #unbezahltewerbung) and I'm so happy with it. I wouldn't advertise it, if I was not convinced.

The guys from did an amazing job with their product. I don't have any rubbing issues when I go for my runs and apply it in advance. Without it... well, with my chosen distances between 5 and 10 km, my #chubrub can get pretty hot, red and painful.
This gel resists sweating and skin rubbing troubles, but also material rubbing. Your ideal partner when it comes to sports!

Personal recommendation: If you like to go for a run next to a lake or river and you wanna jump in to cool off, take some of the product with you (in a small lid) and reapply it. It doesn't love water that much. 😉 Which I guess is wonderful, because I don't want to have this product on me all the time.